A 501(c)(3) non profit organization promoting organic and nutritious food for Mohave County

Stay Healthy With Organics

Enjoy AFFORDABLE high quality, nutritious, organic and non GMO veggies, salad and fruit from our gardens and co-ops and use natural and non toxic personal care products and cleaning supplies.
Organic & Bulk Food Co-op

Organic & Bulk Food Co-op

We strive to provide nutritious organic and non GMO foods at reasonable cost from various sources:

  • Azure Standard delivers to Kingman once a month
  • Frontier Co-Op (free Fed Ex deliver with $250 minimum order)
  • Orchards, farmers markets and LOCAL gardeners.

LMCA members can pick up their orders at the farmstand.

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High Desert Gardening Club

High Desert Gardening Club

How to grow organic nutritious veggies, salad, herbs and fruit in our tough desert climate.

We currently meet once a month to:

  • learn about state of the art growing techniques
  • share our gardening experiences
  • watch inspiring videos
  • discuss problems and organic low cost solutions